Zero Waste Packaging
100% home compostable
100% chemical & preservative free
100% zero waste & carbon neutral
100% Sustainable
100% natural and organic
100% plastic free
100% vegan and gluten free
Truly Zero Waste
100% home compostable
100% biodegradable
100% chemical and preservative free
Reduce global waste
Stop increasing ocean plastics
Reduce water and carbon consumption
Truly Home Compostable
Our core range is from sugarcane 'bagasse' pulp, a natural waste byproduct of the sugarcane industry
We also supply responsible, sustainably sourced, FSC approved, bamboo paper, cardboard and pulp products.
Our products are 100% natural and home compostable and best in class zero waste packaging solution.
Rethink Your Footprint
Our products include coffee cups and lids, lunch boxes, bento boxes, bowls, boxes, trays, cutlery and shipping cartons/boxes.
Home/food waste compostable in 2-4 weeks in normal conditions (ie. no need for commercial composting like many bioplastic, PLA and traditional wax-coated paper and card products).
For orders or to request further information or samples please contact us:

phone: +852 61777190
address: 38 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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