Natural Grass Straws
100% home compostable
100% chemical & preservative free
100% zero waste & carbon neutral
100% Sustainable
100% natural and organic
Carbon Neutral
The only truly sustainable straw
Truly Zero Waste
100% biodegradable
100% home compostable
100% chemical and preservative free
Superior Experience
Triple cleaned and sterilised
Strong and waterproof - no sogginess
No taste unlike other natural straws
Dry or Fresh straws ?
Dry Straws
Our 100% natural dry grass straws can be stored at room temperature in dry conditions for 12 months or more.

Length and diameter of straws can be made to order - standard is 18cm or 20cm with a choice of diameter.
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Fresh Straws
Fresh living grass straws can be stored in the fridge at 2-5 for up to 4 weeks.

Length 20cm but can be customised. The inner diameter is 4.5 - 6.5mm.
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Where does it come from?
Our straws are made from Lepironia Grass (a type of mini bamboo grass also called 'co bang' grass in Vietnam) and grown sustainably and hand picked by local farmers in the Mekong River Delta.
Processing and Treatment
The straws undergo an intensive triple water slaine jet cleaning process by hand to ensure the highest levels of quality and hygiene before cutting. The dry straws are oven-dried for 24 hours prior to packing. The straws are FDA compliant.
Supporting the Mekong Delta
Re-introducing this natural grass habitat is also attracting back the indigenous Sarus Crane, a species of bird designated as declining and vulnerable. We support the local community farming the grass and therefore preserving the natural ecosystem as well as providing a source of revenue for the local population.
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